Recurrent Training Exam

The EXAM for 2017 – June-July issue

AIRMAINTENANCE UPDATE is Transport Canada-approved for recurrent training. This is our 14th exam, published annually in our June-July anniversary issue, in accordance with our agreement with Transport Canada.

The exam consists of questions based on articles appearing in all six issues from the past year: June-July 2016, Aug.-Sept. 2016, Oct.-Nov. 2016, Dec.-Jan. 2017, Feb.-March 2017, and April-May 2017.

You will require all six issues in order to write the exam. If you are missing any issues, it is best to download them from our site archives in a full issue .PDF file – or call us at (604) 214-9824

A 75% pass rate is required in order to qualify for your 16 hours toward RT. The questions in the exam are arranged in order of their appearance in AirMaintenance Update according to issue and individual article. The exam can also be downloaded as an Adobe Acrobat PDF file.

Answers should be printed in the spaces provided and must be drawn directly from the text of the articles in order to be considered correct. All questions requiring a longer answer than the space allowed must be typewritten on a separate sheet of paper.

Completed exams should be submitted to:
AirMaintenance Update,
Unit 7, 11771 Horseshoe Way,
Richmond, BC, V7A 4V4.

The exam must be postmarked no later than October 31, 2017. We will mark your test and return it along with documentation supporting your submission. We will keep a copy of your written test and results on file for future reference, and a copy will be forwarded to Transport Canada. Once again, good luck to all participants!

Download the Exam for 2017, here :


view past issues here : LINK to AMU Past Issues in PDF format