Helping Disabled Flyers

February 08, 2017

AVIATION ACCESSIBILITY : Quick and Safe Mobility Stairclimbers for Boarding Aircraft with Ease — Helping Disabled Flyers

S-Max Stairclimbers are portable, stair climbing transport chairs designed to assist disabled persons boarding airplanes. They can be driven across tarmacs and various surfaces, lift people up or down stairs and transport them right to their seats. These chairs can help passengers and staff in the prevention of accidents, thereby limiting liabilities for aviation firms. BKD’s self-propelled devices do the lifting for you.

Specifically adapted for the Airline Industry, the S-Max is compact and comfortable, providing safety and dignity for passengers, while preventing musculoskeletal strains to aviation staff associated with heavy and awkward lifting. People who would otherwise be involved in lifting are able to avoid back injuries and companies are able to avoid liability issues more easily.

The key benefits are : 

• S-Max Stairclimbers are designed to be adjustable for various aircraft **

• Aviation staff will not be exposed to possible back injuries while lifting
.. disabled people in transport

• S-Max Stairclimbers are narrow and move easily through aircraft aisles;
.. they can also turn in tight regions

• Adjustable features, brakes and hand controls allow for easy operations

** Developed on Embraer type aircraft, and will fit most other aircraft types, including : Saab 340/2000s, ATPs, Avro RI, ATRs, Dash 8s, Fokker 50s/100s, Boeing and Airbus types, Dornier 328, Twin Otter and CRJ

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