Alpine Aerotech LP. New Fall Protection, BELL 205, 212, 412, CH146

February 29, 2016

For Immediate Release – February 25, 2016 – ALPINE AEROTECH DEVELOPS AN INNOVATIVE FALL PROTECTION SYSTEM FOR BELL 205 / 212 / 412 / CH146 –
Kelowna, BC
  — ALPINE AEROTECH introduces a practical, light weight Fall Protection System to improve safety for those working at heights on the Bell 205 / 212 / 412 / CH146 aircraft. This Fall Protection System is collapsible and compact for easy stowage, making it an ideal kit for both hangar and field applications. 

“We designed a Fall Protection System to improve workplace safety and eliminate the fall hazard for our AMEs, when we are working at heights on the Bell 205, 212, 412 and CH146 aircraft,” stated Neil Baycroft, General Manager of Alpine Aerotech. “This Fall Protection System, when installed properly, actually eliminates the fall hazard. We will have a kit on display at Heli-Expo and we are excited to share it, hoping to improve workplace safety in our industry.”

Visit Alpine Aerotech at Booth # 11951 at Heli-Expo Or email