BKD’s (Stair) Climbing Success

March 11, 2013

BKD Aerospace is helping mobility restricted people “one step at a time” – with a full line of wheeled, stair-climbing ‘aisle’ chairs that assist in boarding aircraft. Used on commercial and corporate aircraft worldwide, the company offers a full line of specialized, narrow, portable and light weight, dignified transport solutions for passengers requiring mobility assistance. Easy to operate at the press of a button, the stair-climbers have become a valuable tool, reducing risks to both passengers and airline staff when assisting wheelchair-bound or elderly customers.

The “Amazon Sella” for example, is compact and easy to deploy, and removes the need to manually lift persons up and down stairs. In addition, it can be collapsed for easy storage and transport on board aircraft or vehicles. The 14.9 inch / 37.8 cm width of the unit, combined with its unique turning abilities, allows the Amazon Sella to maneuver through the tight confines of aircraft and areas indoors; Movement in or out, and up and down enclosed regions has been simplified. The “Amazon Sella” lifts 350 lbs. with the push of a button.

Developed on Embraer type aircraft, the “Amazon Sella” stair-climber will also fit most other aircraft types, including Saab 340 / 2000s, ATPs, Avro RI, ATRs, Dash 8s, Fokker 50s, / 100s, Boeing and Airbus types, Dornier 328, Twin Otter and CRJ…

For more information, testimonials and specifications to suit your requirements, contact BKD Aerospace Industries Inc. for these and other flight assistance products – including the comfortable “JETBED”  ready-to-go beds for Bombardier, Gulfsteam, Cessna, Dassault, Hawker and Lear aircraft.

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